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 2014 Week 2 Games
Saturday, September 13th, 2014
Raimondi Field
4:45 pm TM Sunnyvale Rockets vs. Wanderers
3:00 pm MM Sunnyvale Rockets vs. War Hawks
8:00 am JP Sunnyvale Rockets vs. Wolverines Black
9:45 am PW Sunnyvale Rockets vs. Wildcats
11:30 am JM Sunnyvale Rockets vs. Wolves Black
1:15 pm JM San Francisco Seahawks vs. Warriors
Saturday, September 13th, 2014
Gilroy High School
8:30 am TM Wheels vs. Gilroy Browns
10:00 am MM War Eagles vs. Gilroy Browns
12 noon JP Wolverines Red vs. Gilroy Browns
Saturday, September 13th, 2014
Castro Valley High School
1:00 pm JM Wolves Red vs. Castro Valley Gladiators
 2014 Raffle Winners
PrizeWinnerTicketSold ByTeam
$500.00 CashTenisha K.# 10830CampbellWar Eagles
PlaystationKim L.# 2050Taylor
TVS. Lewis# 2848D. WillardWolverines
Applebee $10M. Gonzalez# 2262F. Carter
StarbucksGoodrei# 2954J. WillardWolverines
Applebee $10Jenna L# 0777T. GoldmanWolves
Applebee $10Suzy# 1622E. MendozaTiny Mite
StarbucksK. Roberts# 12394A. WilliamsJP Cheer
StarbucksOjo# 6007Pee Wee
WalmartB. Mori# 4867D. HarperWar Eagles
WalmartSkilooy# 12422TagiyyahWildcats Cheer
WalmartC. Hargrove# 2602N. CodyWanderers
Burger KingK. Edwards# 5411J. CotrightMM
 Welcome East Bay Family
Welcome East Bay Family, to another exciting year of Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading. This will be East Bay Warriors 17th Season and we hope to place a special emphasis on "The Family" as a whole.

Schedule for first week of practice:
Friday, August 1stPractice 5:30pm - 8:20pm
Saturday, August 2ndEquipment pickup 3:00pm - 6pm; Practice 5:30pm - 8:20pm
Sunday, August 3rdEquipment pickup 3:00pm - 6pm; Practice 5:30pm - 8:20pm
Monday, August 4thPractice 5:30pm - 8:20pm
Tuesday, August 5thPractice 6pm - 8:20pm
Wednesday, August 6thPractice 6pm - 8:20pm
Thursday, August 7thPractice 6pm - 8:20pm
Friday, August 8thPractice 6pm - 8:20pm
After the 1st week, practice is Monday - Friday 6pm to 8:20pm

Friday August 1, 2014 first day practice procedures, all football & spirit players and parents are required to check in at their team Business Manager section. Business manager will verify all paper work and fees are paid. If fees need to be paid, players and parents will be directed to Finance section. After all paper work and fees are verified the player will receive their wrist band, and then be directed to their coach. As a team they will precede to the Scale area for first day weigh in. At no time, are parents allowed in the practice area.

Saturday, August 2nd - All NEW Football & Spirit players please bring original Birth Certificates, so the President can stamp off.

During equipment pickup, parents or guardians are required to accompany their player to sign off for their equipment. No parent... No Equipment...No Exceptions! The players are not required to use their equipment the day of pick up so we are requesting that all parent or guardians take procession of their player equipment and secure it before your child starts practice.

Organizational Meeting

We will be discussing the 2014 season as well as introducing the Board, Coaches, and Staff Members. Topics will include: What is expected, The Warriors Way, Pop Warner, Upcoming Season (Game & Practice) Code of Conduct, Safety, Parent Involvement, Fund Raising, Volunteering, etc. We will also discuss Playing Time (what does the MPR rule really mean), Region and National Championships and the cost of your child when and if they travel. So please join us so that we may have a very productive season and become partners in assuring that our children have fun for the 2014 season.

  • TM - MM - Tuesday, August 5th at 6:30pm on far bleachers
  • JP - PW - Wednesday, August 6th at 6:30pm on far bleachers
  • JM - MD - Thursday, August 7th at 6:30pm on far bleachers
 2013 Scholastic Awards Banquet Photos
Photos of Peninsula scholar athlete award winners were taken at the scholastic banquet.

They are now available for viewing and download at:

Parents and fans can download scholastic photos free of charge.

Those who wish to purchase prints or enlargements may also do so off the site.

Bay Photo labs will print and send your photos within five business days.

All sales of photos purchased on the site benefit Peninsula Pop Warner.

 2013 National Run Raffle Winner
T. Sevilla
Ticket No. 5300
Ticket sold by: R. Prince/Wolves
 2013 Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Championships
Please join me in congratulating all the teams and squads for doing a spectacular job at Nationals.

Wolverines Cheer: Coach Sheena & Team
Wranglers Football: Coach Wil & Team
Wildcats Cheer: Coach Cecily & Team
Wolves Black Football: Coach Prince & Team
Warriors Cheer: Coach Maurice & Team
Warriors Football: Coach JB & Team

And to all the kids, parents, fans, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, coaches, staff, and board job well done and I'm proud to say I'm a East Bay Warrior.

East Bay Showing at National:

JP Wranglers 3rd in the Nation
MD Warriors 3rd in the Nation
JM Wolves 5th in the Nation

PW Wildcats 5th in the Nation
JP Wolverines 7th in the Nation
MD Warriors 11th in the Nation

Thank you all God Bless
Fredrick Pugh

 Help Raise Funds for the Warriors by making a donation
Use the button below to make a donation. You'll help hundreds of boys and girls with a great team learning opportunity. Thank you so much!

 Pop Warner 2013 Super Bowl and National Championship
All Times Are EST

The Full Schedule can be found on the Pop Warner Superbowl website.

Junior Pee Wee Division 1 (Semi Final Wednesday, December 11)

Virginia Beach (VA)
8:30 am
East Bay Wranglers (CA)
Junior Pee Wee Division 1 (First Round Sunday, December 8)
Fort Collins Outlaws (CO)
East Bay Wranglers (CA)

Junior Midget Division 1 (First Round Sunday, December 8)
Beacon House Falcons (DC)
East Bay Wolves (CA)

Midget Division 1 (First Round Sunday, December 8)
East Bay Warriors (CA)
Capital City Steelers (NC)

Pop Warner 2013 National Cheer Championships
Monday December 9
JP Wolverines (perform at 10:04 am EST)

Tuesday December 10
PW Wildcats (perform at 2:04 pm EST)

Friday December 13
MD Warriors (perform at 10 am EST)

 2013 Peninsula Pop Warner Division 1 Conference Champions
Morgan Hill
Wolves Black
Redwood City
All headed to the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Championships, starting December 7, 2013, in Orlando Florida.
 2013 Peninsula Pop Warner Conference Cheer Champions
Jr Pee WeeWolverines Cheer1st Place
Pee WeeWildcats Cheer1st Place
MidgetWarriors Cheer1st Place
 2013 Semi-Finals
Redwood City
Wolves Black
Cambrian Valley
Menlo Atherton
 2013 Peninsula Pop Warner Cheer Invitational
Wolverines Cheer4th Place
Wildcats CheerParticipation
Warriors Cheer1st Place
 2013 East Bay Uniform Raffle Winners
The 2013 East Bay Uniform Raffle Winners are:

  1. Danielle B. # 11704 (IPad)
  2. Carl G. # 8278 (32in TV)
  3. Sharde J. # 3255 (Wii)
  4. Jane H. # 3008 ($100 Visa Card)
Thank you for supporting our program.
East Bay Warriors 2012 Pop Warner National Scholars:

Akili CalhounHM
Robert Wood Jr.HM
Tatiana HeaddHM
Amber Lee2nd Team

 iPad 2 National Raffle Results
The drawing for the iPad 2 National Raffle took place and the winner was a ticket sold by Midget Warrior Desmond C.

Winner is!!!!!

Alice V.
Ticket # 18243

 Pop Warner National Championship Finalists since 2002
32 Pop Warner National Championship Finalists since 2002
19 Football, 11 Cheer, & 2 Dance

Congratulations to all East Bay players and coaches.
Football & Cheer

JP D-IIWolverines 3rd place (Coach Hall)
PW D-IIWildcats2nd Place(Coach Levy)
JP CheerWolverines16th Place(Coach Vaughn)

PW D-I Wildcats2nd place(Coach Hall)
MD Cheer Warriors11th place(Coach Felicia)

PW Cheer Wolfpack14th place(Coach Tracy)

JP D-IWranglers2nd place(Coach Levy)
PW D-IWolfpack3rd place(Coach Ellison)
JP CheerWolverines11th place(Coach Maleya)
MD CheerWarriors5th place(Coach Felicia)

JP D-IWranglers3rd place(Coach Levy)
JP CheerWolverines11th place(Coach Maleya)

JP D-I Wolverines2nd place(Coach Monroe)
PW D-I Wolfpack3rd place(Coach Levy)

JPWolverines 2nd place (Coach Monroe)
PW DanceWildcats7th place(Coach Jacari)

JP D-II Wranglers5th place(Coach Prince)
JP D-I Wolverines7th place(Coach Hall)
PW D-I Wildcats3rd place(Coach Monroe)
JM D-I Wolves5th place(Coach Lopez)
PW CheerWildcats9th place(Coach Maleya)
PW DanceWildcats7th place(Coach Jacari)

JP D-I Wolverines7th place(Coach Hall)
PW D-I Wildcats2nd place(Coach Prince)
MD D-I Warriors 5th place(Coach Perkins)
PW CheerWildcats8th place(Coach Maleya)
MD CheerWarriors 9th place(Coach Jacari)

JP D-I Wolverines7th place(Coach Hall)
PW D-I Wildcats5th place(Coach Prince)
JM D-I Wolves3rd place(Coach Levy)
PW CheerWildcats7th place(Coach Maleya)
MD CheerWarriors 12th place(Coach Jacari)

 2011 Pacific Northwest Region Volunteer of the Year
The 2011 Pop Warner Volunteer of the Year from the Pacific Northwest Region was received by two hard working volunteers right here in the Bay Area including our very own Fredrick Pugh, President of the East Bay Warriors and T Boyd from Greater Golden Gate Pop Warner. See the full story at the Pacific Northwest Region Pop Warner website.

 2010 National Championship Page
Celebrate with the youth that competed at the national competition level. See the teams that went to the Pop Warner National Championships in 2010.
 2011 National Raffle Winner
...and the winner is:

iPad: Ramon L. (ticket #4711)
Ticket sold by Eddie K. (Wildcat Football)

 2010 Team Photos
The 2010 team photos have been posted here.
 2010 Pop Warner National All-American Scholars
From Pacific Northwest PPW East Bay

Brion Thompson - Honorable Mention, Grade: 5
Adrian Caldwell - Honorable Mention, Grade: 6
Toussaint Stone Honorable Mention, Grade: 6
Zachery Katzman - 2nd Team, Grade: 7
Aaron Mercadel III - Honorable Mention, Grade: 9
Renelle Malone - Honorable Mention, Grade: 5
Janae Harris - Honorable Mention, Grade: 7
Brooklyn Santos - Honorable Mention, Grade: 7
Symphanie Smith - Honorable Mention, Grade: 7
Damaree Franklin - Honorable Mention, Grade: 8
Jazmin Stenson - Honorable Mention, Grade: 9
 APPLICANT LIVE SCAN - Fingerprint Services
New Staff: See the APPLICANT LIVE SCAN - Fingerprint Services, Locations and Hours of Operation document to guide you to getting finger printing for your background check.

Also, use the Request for Live Scan Service form to get started.

Piedmont Montclair Rotary Club supports the East Bay Warriors
 Weekly Game Announcements on your iPhone
Use your iPhone to browse to www.eastbaywarriors.org and see the weekly game announcements with time and location integrated to Google Maps and Directions. See the iPhone Weekly Game Announcements for more information.
The 7 Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programs
The NFL Youth Programs were developed to help kids and their families have an enjoyable experience every time they step on a football field. As part of this, the NFL asked kids, parents, and coaches about their likes, dislikes, and concerns, not only with playing football, but with the overall youth sports experience. See the 7 Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programs here...
Support Warriors with ($$$) for Free!
East Bay Warriors Youth Football and Cheerleading, has joined the eScrip program. This costs nothing for you and only benefits our youth football organization. The idea is that when you make purchases with using your Grocery Store Club Cards (Safeway), Credit and Debit Cards, and Retail Credit Cards, at certain stores, a portion of the final sale will be donated to the Warriors.

The Warriors program is doing great things for the Oakland community and most of all building youth into young adults with a strong work ethic.

1. Use our Group ID.: 785005. So browse to the eScrip Registration to sign-up and support the East Bay Warriors.
2. Select East Bay Warriors and following the steps. You will get information in the mail.

Thanks everyone for a great job.

 Player Physicals
Dr. John Konstantin MD
2584 MacArthur Blvd.
M W F - 10am - 12-noon
and 2pm - 5pm
TH - 2pm - 5pm
CPR Classes & Fingerprinting
If you still need the required CPR certificate
Pam at ICE SAFETY SOLUTIONS will do classes from $35 to $50 depending on the class. She can give you the information on fees. Call her at 510-441-9411 or email at pam@getice.com.

For the required fingerprinting please go to the following locations:
Police Departments: Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward
Some Mail Boxes Etc. offer fingerprinting as well

 Week 2 Games
Saturday, September 11
Half Moon Bay High School
11aebw vs. hmb
Sunday, September 12
Carlmont High School
1400 Alameda De Las Pulgas
Belmont, CA 94002
8aebw vs. bsb
9aebw vs. bsb
Townsend Field - Buchser Middle School
1111 Bellomy St
Santa Clara, CA 95050
9aebe vs. scl
10:45aebe vs. scl
2:15pebe vs. scl
4pebe vs. scl
12:30pebe vs. scl

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